Meaning of life thoughts, no. 2 (featuring Wudang Bee Daoist)

“Interviewer: How to act (in Wu Wei) when you are confronted by evil?”

“Bee Daoist: Until what level should we take action? If you hit me, I do not hit you back. If you insult me, I do not call you names. Exactly until that level. If you hit me, I do not hit you back. Hitting me, he takes my misery from me. Insulting me, he takes my misery from me as well. Lifting misery. But if you retaliate… It is you that can’t accept his gift and thus return it.”

I have learned patience in my life, mainly through shakuhachi practice, but what makes this sort of approach, as described in the quote above possible? Does his framing of his self, and/or such interactions between himslef nad others, make this possible? As in, would his frame be so much larger than such interactions to determine them to be intrepreted from a more relative perspective from the “evil” that is done? I have a love hate (currently “hate”) relationship with the Buddhist idea of no-self (anatman – due to my perspective that in the mind of someone who has suffered trauma from abuse, that it is essentially poison), but this makes me think that it is the framing that counts. “If viewed from emptiness…”, perhaps.

On the flip side, this sounds more Kung Fu than Tai Chi, where the lingo would not be as combat-related (“hit” and “retaliate”), perhaps. But in today’s climate, life feels more Kung Fu than Tai Chi.

Wudang Bee Daoist: On the Wisdom of Life

Over 1200 articles-interviews on ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’ written by renowned spiritual leaders, mindfulness experts, great thinkers and authors, elders, artists, musicians, CEOs, etc., etc.

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