I am not sure why I decided to record a piece this morning, before even having a second cup of coffee.  But I sat down and pulled over the most convenient score. I wrote this piece in Crestone, Colorado in 2014 when on a retreat.  Here I am playing one of my jinashi shakuhachi, so a lot of these elements are self-generated… then infused with my experiences with my teachers, with time, and my environment today (which is very much different from 2014).  Have a listen.

I have begun posting shakuhachi for sale (not Blue Cloud Mountain, which are still in development) on the “Shakuhachi for Sale” page of this site. These are flutes that I have purchased over the past ten years and am now selling to try to make ends meet and cover legal bills. Check back for more in the future.

I am excited to announce that I have started adding music to the Bandcamp platform.  While other platforms, such as Soundcloud have served their purpose in the past, the ways in which they have changed in recent years has left something to be desired.  I appreciate that Bandcamp will allow one to listen to entire tracks of their choosing in an agreeable format that is co-created by the artist.  Here’s a glimpse…

I am happy to announce that I have begun work toward the release of a new recording in 2018.  While the focus for this project will be on shakuhachi, there will be other elements, including soundscape recordings from some prominent names in the acoustic ecology field.  There might also be some other instruments involved, including the Rav Vast drum, and others.


With the winter months upon the Rockies, the sun’s angle is a bit too shallow to create the type of impressions I am looking for on the cyanotype prints, so I have started to shift my focus to creating jinashi shakuhachi.

First of all, I would like to thank those in the shakuhachi community for their support in this endeavor, in particular Monty (shakuhachi.com) and Ken (Mujitsu).  I have a couple of flutes that I am working on now that should be available by the new year, a thick 2.4, and a more thin bore 2.3.  I will have pictures and sound, if not video, up on this site and in the shop soon-ish.