Jiari Shakuhachi for Sale

Jiari Shakuhachi Flutes Available for Sale:

Gyokusui 1.8, Taniguchi “Select” 1.8, Jem Klien “professional” 1.8, Shingetsu Pre-War Antique 2.0 (Kinko)

Use contact form for inquiries.  All flutes have a 7 day audition period, upon full payment, with buyer paying return shipping and insurance. 

Gyokusui 1.8 Jiari.  This wonderful shakuhachi is great performer with rich texture and full volume.  I believe this to be second generation Gyokusui. Recently repaired by Ken Lacosse, purchased from Jeff Cairn in 2009. A great classical shakuhachi with a wide range of moods available to the performer, including modern and classical repertoire. This flute’s weight is 325 grams. Asking $2,000

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Taniguchi. Select 1.8 This was my main 1.8 for many years- I selected it out of a batch of five different flutes that Michael Chikuzen Gould received from Taniguchi Yoshinobu for his students (I had first choice at the time). The flute was recently repaired by Ken Lacosse. The bamboo has an unusual oblong shape that created a wide look from the front and a slim profile – the bore is normally shaped. The flute is a unique player with dense core sound and excellent “cry” in kan. Cracks at root stabilized before I purchased in 2010. Cracks up front repaired recently with surface bindings. Professional grade flute with an great wabisabi look and feel.  Its weight is 435 grams. Asking $1,800

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Here are a couple of videos featuring this flute in action…

Jem Klein (HoSetsu). 1.8 professional level shakuhachi. Great flute for a student’s formative years or as a back up flute for professional level. I bought this flute while I was between 1.8s. Great for travel, smaller hands. It has a more subdued voice but with a strong core sound- great for a jiari sound in smaller space or those with more sensitive ears. All techniques are functional. Asking $1,250 (near original price- I have had this flute for about a year).  The flute’s weight is 285 grams.

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Kinko Pre-War 2.0 Shakuhachi. “Shingetsu”. Excellent Kinko flute & old world sound. PRICE REDUCED $2,750. Purchased fromPeter Hill via Michael Chikuzen Gould about 7 years ago.

Here are links to a couple of no-frills videos of me test driving the flute’s potential in my hands.  I think Kinko players would find a happier home in the flute than I may have…

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Test drive #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUwwHBBnHUo