Management as a Way

There are as many ways (dao/do) as there are beings who inhabit them. Archery, shakuhachi, poetry, painting, and forest bathing are just a few. The Tao inhabits the world through so many natural forces too, rivers, mountains, and the call of a pine-bound towhee are just a few examples. Taoism has at its core a philosophy that endeavors to make this life, your life, my life, “significant”. This is done, in part, by a waking up to natural forces that surround us. And since we spend a significant amount of our time at work, it makes sense that we can find these natural forces at work in human interactions as well that resemble those at work in the forest and mountains. I am thinking here of the Dao De Jing’s dual narrative of the sage and the sage-ruler. This blog is an investigation into Management as a Way. I will endeavor to describe elements of management that I have found and put into practice that align with elements of traditional value/meaning in both Taoism and Zen.

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More to come,