Recordings and Media

Sound Recordings

Cultivating the Empty Field (December 2020). Traditional and original solo pieces for shakuhachi, masterfully recorded. Many years in the making, this recording and the wonderfully resonant space in which it was recorded reveal the spirit of these traditional Zen pieces, and contemporary counterparts. Many of the flutes that were used were crafted by M.A.Doherty as well.

Shakuhachi no Oto (Remastered) – Released December 2020. These are solo pieces for shakuhachi both traditional and composed by me. The recordings date from the period of 2012-2014 and have been recast. Available from Bandcamp:


Spanish Creek Trail. Shakuhachi Haibun No. 2. Composed in 2012 at the Crestone Mountain Zen Center in Crestone Colorado, next to the Spanish Creek, close to where the trail starts climbing up the valley and hugging the side of the mountain.A haibun is a formalized style of poetry, not unlike the haiku. There is a title, prose, and then a haiku at the end. For this series I replaced the prose with shakuhachi phrases that mirror that environment.

Pine Forest Pond. Shakuhachi Haibun No.1. This piece was composed at Mueller State Park (Lost Pond) around 2011. The literary form, Haibun, consists of a title, a prose section, and finished with a haiku. For these shakuhachi haibun, I visit locations in nature and allow the experience to be impressed upon lines of shakuhachi and poetry. I then bring them together.