Shakuhachi Lessons

Shakuhachi lessons are available virtual and in-person. My lineage background is mainly in “dokyoku”, that is Yokoyama style honkyoku/performance, with both jiari and jinashi experience. On the heals of my formal training has been many, many years of individual exploration. This exploration also includes crafting my own jinashi, and compositions.


60 minutes = 45 USD

90 minutes – 60 USD

Use the “contact” form on this site to inquire if I am the right teacher for you – often times I may be able to refer you to someone who might be a better fit for what you would like to get from your shakuhachi experience.

What I can offer you is a lifetime of musical training and experience in a wide variety of contexts, both western classical, neo-classical, experimental (award-winning), rock, world ethnic woodwinds, composition, sound design (award-winning), percussion, as well as traditional Japanese music.

I have been playing shakuhachi, in particular, for 14 years with intensive study. Please visit my bandcamp page for recordings, or visit this page for a live video / interview from 2020.