Shakuhachi Lessons

Doherty, Michael Andrew

I am now offering lessons to beginning and intermediate shakuhachi players from my cottage in Palmer Lake Colorado, convenient to both the Denver/Boulder and Colorado Springs areas.

Beginning lesson is free of charge, then start at $40/hr for beginning players.  Shakuhachi are available for rent or purchase from me, if you are in need of a flute.

Please inquire for additional rates and availability.

Why study with me? I am an independent shakuhachi teacher, not affiliated with any one school or lineage, though heavily versed in Watazumi/Yokoyama techniques and pieces. I have spent my 13 years of playing focussed on learning techniques, performance repertoire, shakuhachi making and composition. I can offer instruction in all of the above. Because I am independent, I can perhaps offer you unique perspectives in making shakuhachi your own, beyond tradition, but using it as the necessary base for performance, and the philosophical bases of Zen-informed shakuhachi practice.